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Detailed description

A super-gourmet, light combination blending the intense, tender and fruity flavour of fruit jelly with the pure, delicate taste of dehydrated fruit flakes. Mouth-wateringly attractive, this fruit jelly collection adeptly highlights the contrast between an outstanding, crisp and airy natural outer shell, and a smooth fruity centre in lovely sparkling colours... They are not as sweet as sugar-coated fruit jellies yet they deliver more flavours and textures.





    In Oraison, in the heart of Haute-Provence, discover François Doucet Confiseur, a passionate confectionery company of excellence, heir to the family tradition since 1969. Each raw material used to create our confectionery is chosen for its quality and taste! Discover this rich taste in each of our premium treats, whose recipes and production make our teams proud.

    At François Doucet Confiseur, mankind’s heritage and know-how are values that we apply on a daily basis. For about 50 years now, our teams have been perpetuating and improving the traditional techniques used in an artisanal confectionery and chocolate-making. Combined with coating, cooking and pouring techniques, the creative recipes formulated in our Oraison workshops give birth to outstanding confections, ranked among the most popular for their flavours and their quality taste.

    discover us on video : https://www.francois-doucet-confiseur.com/nous-decouvrir-en-video/

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    François Doucet Confiseur

    At François Doucet Confiseur, tradition and know-how are values that we champion every day. For almost 50 years our teams have been maintaining and improving a craft stemming from a long history of confectionary and chocolate making. Coating, cooking, pouring, these are just some of the techniques which when combined with our creative recipes formulated in our Oraison workshops, give rise to outstanding award winning treats that are recognised for their exquisite taste and high quality.

    Great care is taken to identify and select the most beautiful fresh or dried fruits. The same applies to the fleshy and sweet Provence almond which is the only variety that provides such a contrasting taste and texture between the heart of the sweet and its chocolate coating. To create our delectable fruit jellies, we go as far as selecting the best varieties of the fruit on the tree itself and the fruits are harvested when fully ripe: the Orangé de Provence apricot, the Provence quince, Hautes-Alpes William pear, the Alpes golden apple, the white fig from Var and many more.