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  • Datterino tomatoes in sauce - Posta Faugno: Musical organic farming

Updated on 07/12/2021


Datterino tomatoes in sauce - Posta Faugno: Musical organic farming

olio di serra - ods
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Detailed description

Organic tomatoes of the famous Datterino variety, in their own sauce to preserve their freshness and sweet, fragrant taste. They are ideal for the preparation of "secondi", hot dishes, in the name of Italian tradition. This small date-shaped tomato is a variety inherited from southern Sicily. It has a high sugar content (high brix), which makes it ideal for sauces. The Datterini also has a high amount of Lycopene (a type of carotene) which is said to have anti-carcinogenic properties and is rich in minerals and vitamins. Posta Faugno tomato sauces do not contain an ounce of acidity thanks to the quality of the ARMONICOLTURA® cultivation process. The tomatoes are harvested by hand from the Posta Faugno grounds in San Paolo di Civitate in the Gargano, to select only the best. ARMONICOLTURA® is bio-musical agriculture: an agriculture oriented towards permaculture and the "mixed" farm. The sending of waves through the diffusion of music in the crops offers a renewal in the ecosystems. They have an effect on the natural protection of fruit and vegetables, which is enhanced by their influence on humidity and growth, and they help to scare off pests. Available in 580 ml only.




    Extra virgin olive oil producer, North Puglia region

    Olio di Serra prides itself on being a local and family business. Born in Lyon with Italian origins, Dorian Tota works to promote his native village – Serracapriola. Located in the Gargano by the Adriatic sea, it is a famous terroir from the North Puglia region in Italy. Year after year, Olio di Serra offers an exclusive olive oil directly out of the home-grown olive trees in Serracapriola. Dorian’s passionate work aims to transmit his family’s ancestral craftsmanship and the superior quality of their Alto Tavoliere (PDO) olives. For the past two years, Olio di Serra has provided an extra virgin organic olive oil obtained through cold extraction straight out of a Serracapriolian mill. The family are therefore responsible for the growing of the olives, the harvest, the transformation into oil, the bottling and the distribution of this green gold directly from France. As a natural consequence: the traceability of Olio di Serra runs from the olive trees into the bottle. 

    Olio de Serra works hard to create a product of superior quality resulting from strong family roots, a specific method of elaboration, a real traceability and the uniqueness of its origins. Indeed, the Serracapriola village is renowned for harvesting its olives from mid-October every year thanks to a mediterranean microclimate which naturally irrigates the olive trees all year round.     

    In addition to this, Olio di Serra also aims to promote other artisanal products from Serracapriola. As to shine the light on various products from the Gargano region, we have collaborated with local artisans. Just like us, they work as a family, share our respect for Mother Earth and devote their everyday labour to consumers interested in fine south Italian delicacies. Among our range of products, you will find: typical handcrafted pasta from the Gargano region, vegetables and vegetable creams marinated in extra virgin olive oil, a 100 % Pugliese experience with delicious products from talented craftsmen/women from this region.

    To all deli and restaurant owners, Olio di Serra is here for you, with its extra virgin olive oil, handcrafted pasta, various jars of vegetables and vegetable creams in extra virgin olive oil. Live events and testing experiences are also available in the shops all year round so that consumers can enjoy the story of the brand while tasting the products. From our olives to your jars, there is only one hand: ours!

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    olio di serra - ods

    French-Italian family business: producer and distributor of extra virgin olive oil and source of artisanal products from the same region: Gargano in Puglia, Italy.