Updated on 07/15/2021

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Detailed description

Inspired by malted chocolate balls, the Criiiks are renewing the snacking department and are available in fruity artisanal recipes, and in eco-responsible packaging. From French production, the cereal balls are turbined with cocoa butter and powdered fruit. Light, crispy and slightly sweet, Criiiks are eaten as a snack, with a hot drink or with a pastry decoration.



    COURT - Les Petits Bonheurs

    THE ARTISAN, creator of "petits bonheurs" (little happiness)
    Pastry-chocolate-confectioner chef for 20 years and winner of the “Best Pastry Chef The Professionals” 2017, Thierry Court is shaking up the codes. Its credo: neo-artisanal snacking!

    RECIPES inspired by snacking classics
    Since 2016, Thierry Court has been developing recipes for cookies, candies, and chocolate bars, whose shapes, colors and flavors echo our childhood memories.
    Each bite is a moment of rediscovered pleasure, a little happiness ...

    A new ALTERNATIVE to have fun!
    The products are made in our factory in Grenoble (Alps), with natural and quality ingredients, the right amount of sugar, eco-responsible chocolate, and a lot of attention. Our packaging is evolving for recycled and recyclable materials.
    We want to bring pleasure, transparency and renewal to the confectionery and sweet snacking ranges. More than products, Petits Bonheurs draw a world of optimism and kindness.

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    Les Petits Bonheurs

    Neo-artisanal range of chocolate confectionery and snacking, created and manufactured in Grenoble (France) by master pastry-chocolate maker-confectioner Thierry Court.