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Alto DO-JOA Red 2016

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Detailed description

Color:Delicate ruby color, with reflective pomegranates. Clean and bright. Nose: Pot-Pourri of ripe red fruits - cherries, berries, currants and plums - in compote. Fresh notes of mint, fennel and thyme. Spices like black pepper and a slight touch of cinnamon. Sous bois (undergrowth, or forest floor). Taste:It reaffirms in the mouth the aromas pre-announced in the nose. Elegant body and persistence. Dry, with balanced acidity and firm tannins that guarantee longevity. Soft. Good finish, with a taste of cherries confiture. Pairings:It is a delicate, complex and versatile wine. It goes well with popular dishes such as “coq au vin” and “boeuf bourguignon”, as well as fine creations based on pheasant or quail, piglet, hare, or rabbit; and vegetarian dishes like eggplant parmigiana, vegan sausages or chickpea stew and smoked tofu. Technical facts • Alcohol: 12,5 % • pH: 3,58 • Total acidity: 5,25 g/l • Sugar: 0,6 g/dm3 • Sulfites: 73,3 mg/dm3 • Terroir: High thermal amplitude ranges: Yes • Altitude: 800m • Old Vines: More than hundred twenty years old vines (pré-phylloxera), and some without grafting. • Grapes:Bastardo, Mourisco tinto, Cornifesto, Tinta Bairrada, Alvarelhão, Malvasia Preta, Jaén, Esgana cão, Formosa, Siria, Douradinha, Gouveio, Folgasão, Chasselas salsa and others • French barrels: 28 months



    Export Pure Products - Trás os Montes - Portugal

    Export Pure Products is an initiative of NERBA, Business Association of the District of Bragança – Portugal, that aims to promote, in international market, the products of excellence produced in the region of Trás-Os-Montes, Portugal.

    The Region of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, located in Northern Portugal, produces olive oil, honey, chestnut, the famous Port wine and the wines of the Douro . Products of excellence obtained through unique modes of production.
    With them are prepared dishes and delicacies of haute cuisine, recognised by famous chefs and most demanding consumers.
    Why? Because products have high standards of quality, prooved by their qualification as: Bio products and DOC products !

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    Not only from the centenary vineyards with more than twenty different varieties of wine grape is our JOA made. It’s the rigorous Winters and the ruthless sun of Alto Transmontano that without giving any truce to the land, they force it to liberate from the schist the best that they have to offer to our grapes. From the grapes to the produced wine in this region there’s the distance between tradition and innovation. Between the knowledge of generations and the best oenological practices of last generation. Between the future and the memory preserved in the people of Parada’s village: heart, cradle and soul of Casa DO JOA. It’s because of all of this that JOA is so much more than a wine. It’s living memory of this land and a genuine declaration of our Amor ao Alto.