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Detailed description

The "Asian Dreams" collection A dreamlike and festive collection for Christmas In trendy green and gold shades, at the heart of current consumer preferences. Integrated competition:  10 x A year of tea to win for your customers The principle: 10 panda keychains are distributed randomly throughout the production. The 10 customers who find them will win One Year of Pagoda Teas (shipped by us). Front-facing game to boost your sales!



    Thés de la Pagode


    Thés de la Pagode designs, develops and markets high-end organic teas and infusions. Our gourmet range, our Christmas offers with our famous advent calendar, our prestige boxes, our infusions correspond particularly well to the delicatessen market.
    Thés de la Pagode is the heritage of the great tea masters

    The creation of Thés de la Pagode® is a story in itself ... It all starts with a meeting on the edge of China, in the Yunnan region, with one of the last great tea masters.
    Every day, the master teaches the art of tea in all stages of its preparation, from the leaf to the cup. Day after day, he introduces new flavors to his students during the tea ceremony which takes place in a small pagoda, away from the hustle and bustle. [Our story] Around the grand master and his students, not everything is that harmony and serenity. Time stands still, the mist rises from the mountains, the tasting continues in silence, the assembly opening its mind to the world around it. Then, as night begins to fall, the master's voice rises and tells the story of the legendary Crus.

    The Pagoda® Teas are all certified Organic Agriculture.
    The quality requirement of the Pagoda® Teas has made its experts choose the teas from certified organic farming plantations. This is evidenced by the Organic Agriculture label awarded in France by bodies approved by the public authorities (Ecocert and Qualité France), which appears on the bags and boxes of Thés de la Pagode®.
    This label guarantees a product from organic farming.

    Tea lovers sometimes forget that the tea leaves are never washed. By choosing organic tea, consumers are guaranteed not to find pesticides in their cup.

    Our teabags are 100% natural, they do not undergo any chemical treatment.
    In order not to distort the quality of the infusion, the teabags are neither folded nor stapled.
    In order to keep all their freshness, and therefore all their properties, our health teas are bagged on the very site of their production. [The importance of biodiversity]

    The gardens are planted in stairs, and the tea plants grow there in the middle of various species: ginger, cinnamon trees, coconut palms, etc. This biodiversity benefits all plants by promoting fertilization, keeping parasites away, and combating soil erosion. Fertilization, when necessary, is carried out with organic manure. Weeding is entirely manual.

    It is by respecting ancestral methods that Teas of the Pagoda® have developed a real know-how which guarantees a 100% organic tea. These conditions of artisanal production offer a harvest three times less important in Organic Agriculture than in conventional agriculture but with a quality and a safety obviously very superior.

    Preserved tea gardens

    The teas of the Pagoda® Teas grow in remote altitude gardens. These gardens have always been preserved and have remained as they were hundreds of years ago. They are therefore organic in essence, and have been chosen according to criteria that meet the quality requirements of Pagoda® Teas.
    They are located in various regions of Asia depending on the vintage of tea, between 1,200 and 1,800 meters above sea level, where mountainous areas are most favorable for planting tea, especially when they benefit from frequent mists. Indeed, these filter the sun's rays. The leaves then develop slowly, allowing them to remain tender and rich in antioxidants.

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