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Updated on 06/18/2021


« Laphroaig » Cask Finish (3 years old rum – French Antilles)

Armateurs de Rhum
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Detailed description

The rums finished in casks have given new life to a unique Malouin heritage. These, composed of 3-year-old pure juice Agricole rums from the French Antilles, are selected and matured for several months in Saint-Malo in our barrels, bringing an elegant aromatic. Rums finished in casks develop an additional aromatic complexity provided by a cask that previously contained a different spirit. The rum finished in Laphroaig cask offers a tasting at the meeting of 2 worlds : with the roundness of sugar cane and peaty, ashy, smoky and iodized aromatics.



    Mathurin Heude

    Rum has been part of Saint-Malo's heritage, from the 17th century. We want to modernize the way that we take pleasure from this superb spirit, through different ranges of natural and premium drinks, with rum and French ingredients.

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    Armateurs de Rhum