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Updated on 07/09/2021


Present on exhibition Gourmet
From 12 to September 13, 2021


49 Rue GabrielL Reymond

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  • OPINUM IL CAFFE SRL - Alcoholic beverages


    Who we are…
    Opinum il Caffè Srl is the Italian roasting-coffee family business established in Oppido Lucano, a small village in the South of Italy where the family lives. 
    As it is handed down over time, the word “OPINUM” refers to the ancient name of the first human settlement in the place where the company is established. The brand, instead, is depicted as two brush marks on a canvas, which in turn echoes the craftsmanship of the works created by an artist. The key to our business success lies in a product traditionally linked to the Made in Italy: il Caffè Espresso Italiano.  
    Opinum is a young company that has distinguished itself on the market since 2015 for its handcrafted products. All products are the result of experience and passion in the world of coffee.
    When you take a cup of Opinum coffee you meet quality,craftsmanship, passion and commitment from all the members of the family group.
    Our coffee blends are made with selected raw materials. Opinum il Caffè blends follow a traditional air-cooled drum roasting process, followed by a refined degassing phase of roasted coffee which enhances coffee bean characteristics and coffee attributes.
    Together with the traditional roasting process, first the selection of raw materials, and then the degassing phase of the roasted coffee, make our products unique on the market for which traceability and product certification is guaranteed.
    Our mission is to satisfy the needs of those who love coffee and of those who desire a unique and high value product.
    We take your request to heart, and for this reason we always guarantee high quality standards at all stages of the production process.
    We are committed to represent the best coffee lab for our business partners.

    Coffee Roasting Plant…

    Coffee production is spread over an indoor area of 800 sqm, which is in turn split up in several tailored working areas for every production stage. Strong emphasis is given to the degassing phase(the stage that follows the cooling process) for whom the layout of machinery has been developed according. Degassing phase requires few days of stocking coffee in silos in order to guarantee optimal maturation of roasted coffee. The degassing room - indoor temperature controlled environment - is an additional area that has been specifically developed by our business and added to traditional coffee silos.