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  • Sofì, Dolcezze di Sicilia

Updated on 08/23/2021


Present on exhibition Gourmet
From 12 to September 13, 2021

Sofì, Dolcezze di Sicilia

Viale della Regione 4/P
95034 BRONTE

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Company details


Sofì Dolcezze di Sicilia was born recently in Bronte from the idea of Alfredo Allia, a young pastry chef with more than thirty years of experience, who loves his own job.
Bronte is the homeland of pistachio, the so-called “green gold”; many of its inhabitants, through the years, have started companies that create and sell pistachio-based products such as pistachio spreadable creams and pistachio pesto.
Sofì wants to distinguish itself and stand out from the crowd with innovative products no one has ever experimented.
One of them is the Velvetì, a pistachio sauce that perfectly suits both sweet and savory dishes, from ice cream, crêpes and cakes to cheese, fish and meat.
Other original products our pastry chef has invented are the Cyclops Kisses and the MiniRoll®‎, two sweet specialties born from the union of the best raw materials selection and the creativity of our pastry chef, and the new two-flavor creams, where pistachio is combined with unusual flavors such as peanut butter, ruby chocolate and more.
And for those who want to stay in shape but can’t resist the taste of our spreadable creams, Sofì has recently created a variety of delicious protein creams with no added sugars and up to 27% protein content.
Our company addresses itself to a medium-high clientele, whose aim is to find the best quality and true flavors, a market slice composed of true connoisseurs of refinement and taste.
If it’s true that Sofì was born in a market that is saturated with pistachio products offer, it is also true that it knows how to stand out with its own innovatory and unprecedented products that are enjoying a great and increasing success.
And who knows what else the master pastry chef and owner of the company Alfredo Allia will invent next?



Sofì, Dolcezze di Sicilia

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