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Updated on 08/03/2021


Present on exhibition Gourmet 2021
From 12 to September 13, 2021

COURT - Les Petits Bonheurs

93 cours Berriat

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Company details


THE ARTISAN, creator of "petits bonheurs" (little happiness)
Pastry-chocolate-confectioner chef for 20 years and winner of the “Best Pastry Chef The Professionals” 2017, Thierry Court is shaking up the codes. Its credo: neo-artisanal snacking!

RECIPES inspired by snacking classics
Since 2016, Thierry Court has been developing recipes for cookies, candies, and chocolate bars, whose shapes, colors and flavors echo our childhood memories.
Each bite is a moment of rediscovered pleasure, a little happiness ...

A new ALTERNATIVE to have fun!
The products are made in our factory in Grenoble (Alps), with natural and quality ingredients, the right amount of sugar, eco-responsible chocolate, and a lot of attention. Our packaging is evolving for recycled and recyclable materials.
We want to bring pleasure, transparency and renewal to the confectionery and sweet snacking ranges. More than products, Petits Bonheurs draw a world of optimism and kindness.



Les Petits Bonheurs

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    The biscuit factory Les Mirliflores, created in 2017 by Elisa and Gwenaëlle, is located in an old farm in the Tarn.

    We have a unique, original and gourmet concept: mixing pastry and French History.

    The principle: Offer you biscuits, which we both make by hand from ancient recipes, in order to make you discover delicacies with forgotten flavors, which made the happiness of our ancestors!

    A little extra: A booklet is slipped inside each box to make you discover the history of the biscuit and some of its ingredients (which many of us know, such as sugar, cocoa, butter. .. without ever asking us the question of their origin).

    The fruit of long research work in various historical, culinary, medicinal and iconographic documents, our products are the result of many hours spent testing and rediscovering pastry through the centuries.

    So we have a range of old biscuits:
    - The biscuits de la Joie, biscuits from the Middle Ages with cinnamon and almonds;
    - The bridaveaux, shortbread with Renaissance violet;
    - The macarons, crunchy version, whose recipe dates from the 17th century;
    - The massepains au chocolat, a recipe from the 18th century, one of the first cocoa pastries in history;
    - The boules de poilus, hazelnut and orange blossom biscuits, which were made during the First World War by certain Poilus families.

    This spring 2020, we have created a new range: infusions, teas and preparations for hot chocolates, inspired by past centuries. Like biscuits, there is a small booklet inside the boxes to learn about the history of the drink and some of its ingredients.
    Discover thus:
    - Mélehant, infusion mint / anise / lemon, from the Middle Ages;
    - Guillemette, Renaissance hibiscus apple infusion;
    - Céleste, pear green tea from the 17th century;
    - Auguste, green pineapple coconut tea from the 18th century;
    - Preparation for hot chocolate N ° 1, 18th century recipe with cinnamon and Long Java pepper.