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Company details


Comptoir du Cacao is a family-run artisan chocolate factory that makes fine,
single-origin, pure cacao butter chocolates in unique, new flavours, following the
artisan tradition of the great chocolate masters.
The selection of the noblest raw materials together with a unique artisan know-
how are at the core of our identity and our one-of-a-kind chocolate bonbons and
Our chocolate couvertures 100 % cacao butter are all of the highest quality
- Our 72 % Dark chocolate, made by Gaston Lenôtre and transformed in Meulan,
France, has a powerful roasted cacao flavour held by an intense bitterness
The Forastero cacao beans come mostly from West Africa
- Our 36 % Milk chocolate with an intense milky taste and strong cacao flavour is
the ideal chocolate for all our bonbon recipes.
- The Single Origines «La route des Origine®», are chocolates made from
unblended beans from only one country. They are meant to be slowly savoured, to
better appreciate the qualities and characteristics of each « terroir ».
We are also very keen on choosing the noblest raw materials as ingredients for our
recipes from the best artisan French producers.
Our specialities are well-known for their quality and unparalleled taste, especially
our flaky praline Collection, winners of 1st (hazelnut) and 2nd (Salted-butter
caramel) prizes at the Salon du Chocolat de Paris and at the Great Taste Awards in
the UK.
We have also been ranked as the 6th high-end chocolate maker preferred by the
French in a poll published in the LSA magazine. (Toluna, www.quicksurveys.com)
You can buy our products in Paris, at our own Paris shops (118bis, rue Ordener
in the 18th district and 192, Avenue de Versailles, in the 16th district), through
our website: www.comptoircacao.fr, and at numerous food fairs and countless
speciality shops and high-end stores all over France, and abroad.


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    Maison Boutarin, are passionate farmers, in the Drôme in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, who transform the products of the earth into exceptional gourmet products with an inimitable taste!
    Fanny and her husband Stéphane Boutarin, a farmer and garlic producer, have put their know-how and skills at the service of the same desire: to promote garlic and make people discover its many flavours!
    It is by combining the tradition of agricultural production of PGI white garlic from the Drôme and innovation through the transformation of this condiment into black garlic that they are realizing this goal.
    Black garlic is made from a PGI white garlic from Drôme, thanks to a process developed by Fanny. Maison Boutarin black garlic has a delicate taste with aromas of candied fruit, undergrowth and balsamic vinegar and a melting texture. But to surprise the taste buds, Maison Boutarin also produces and offers other surprising varieties of garlic!
    Stéphane produces PGI white garlic from Drôme, which has a slightly milder taste. Elephant garlic allows to diversify the range of flavours. This garlic has large cloves and a delicate taste close to leek. A multitude of flavours to surprise your taste buds!
    The Maison Boutarin accompanies its products to the plate with numerous culinary inspirations available on its website.
    The Maison Boutarin are products made in France, the elaboration of healthy and tasty products recommended by French Chefs and delicatessen shops, the sharing of a common passion and respect for the earth.